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TRANSITIONireland has experience of implementing organisation change. We have first-hand experience of the Human Resource issues facing organisations and individuals

Outplacement Support allows organisational change to be accepted on an on-going basis as part of the structure of the company, which has built in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Outplacement Support encourages employees to accept change rather than fight it.

Outplacement Support protects the organisational culture, which does not suffer in spite of the change. The profile and reputation of the company continues to be high, in spite of the redundancies.

Outplacement Support reduces the opportunity of industrial relations or negotiation problems and often lowers the expectations of a redundancy package.

TRANSITIONireland will work with you to ensure smooth Transition in your change process. A well-planned and well-implemented separation programme will result in a high level of acceptability among your staff and will help your organisation focus on running the business.

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