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TRANSITIONireland played an important role in the successful implementation of the recent Change Programme. They adopted both a flexible and practical approach to the various challenges and solutions and there was widespread recognition from staff that TRANSITIONireland added real value to this programme."

TRANSITIONireland interacted well with all levels within the plant and gained the trust of everyone – employees and management alike. We found they provided a professional but personal service. 

Having them allowed HR to concentrate on the administrative aspects of the Redundancy Program and assisted in reducing the tension in the workplace.

The programme gave our employees confidence in their abilities and made them aware of the skills they had. This was particularly useful, as many of them had very long service.

The Job Resource Centre was very effective and highlighted all jobs available in the local area. 

TRANSITIONireland also represented our company and our workforce very professionally to the local business community, raising our profile in spite of the redundancies.”

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