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Assignments typically fall into one of the following categories

Coaching for Top Performance
Targeted at established Executives to achieve higher levels of performance. The external confidential coach can play a unique role in raising the level of performance by giving the Executive an experienced confidante.

Coaching for Early Impact
The early for a Newly Appointed Executive are critical for success. This is particularly important where the appointment is a significant ‘step up’ for the individual where there is increased responsibility and responsibility – as is often the case in the careers of ‘High Potentials, or a move from a technical to a management role.

Targeted Coaching
Coaching is often the most effective tool in situations where specific aspects of performance or behaviour are holding back the Individual from realising their full potential. The focus is on specific skill development using assessment and feedback.

Coaching for Health
The health of Senior Executives has been a key concern for Corporations for a long time. This has traditionally been managed by the provision of regular Executive Health checks. Coaching to manage Work/Life Balance and Stress is increasingly being provided to extend the support being provided to Executives to positively manage their health.

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