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“During a turbulent period in my life, I found TRANSITIONireland to be a great help. In addition to the professional advice and facilities you would expect, what I appreciated most was the emotional support provided. It was great to have someone who was constantly positive, reassuring and on my side.”

“I would like to thank you for all our discussions and your very kind input. It has been most rewarding. TRANSITIONireland helped me see things from a different view point. Oh, I am sure there will be ups and downs with the new venture but life is just like that.”

“Many thanks for the Curriculum Vitae and your offer of help in the future. I enjoyed very much working with you on the preparation of the document. Our discussions helped me focus on things at a time of uncertainty.”

“Overall my experience with TRANSITIONireland was excellent. The service was tailored to my own personal needs and the benefits were realisable immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend this coaching service to any business executive who is looking to more fully realise his/her potential”

“I worked with Transition Ireland following an outplacement move from the UK and they were of immense help in several areas.The first job was to revamp my Curriculum Vitae and using their process of OAR analysis and their knowledge of Curriculum Vitae requirements, made it easy for me to refine it into a very professional and informative document. Several organisations I sent it to, complimented it as ‘one of best they had seen’

Their knowledge of the Irish market place, especially in the Financial Services sector, is considerable. They have a very large network of contacts and were only too happy to provide introductions to all the major consultancies and prospective employers enabling me to quickly establish myself as ‘available in the market place’.

They also played a major part in keeping my motivation going and provided business formality and structure to my ‘working days’ in job searching. When an opportunity did arise, they gave sound advice on how to present one self and what to ‘get over’ during the interview process and were happy to provide feedback after the event.

They even put a ‘good word’ in for me with organisation I now work for. I am extremely impressed with their commitment, professionalism and effectiveness in delivering a very friendly and supportive service (and of course very thankful).”

“At the time, due to my unexpected redundancy, I was at a low point. I was knocked for six to be out of work; never mind having to start the inconvenient cycle of updating my Curriculum Vitae, submitting applications and spending time and resources going to interviews.


I was supported and given guidance of the best quality by the lovely and professional staff at TRANSITIONireland. I found that they tailored the service to my individual needs, coached me in emphasising my strength, gave me room to evaluate what I wanted, and how to get it. They were a complete package from start to finish.”

“TRANSITIONireland provided the guidance and support that maximised the chances of being successful. Interview practice and appropriate feedback, both positive and negative, with concrete suggestions for improvement were key in ensuring that I was successful.

The flexibility of appointment times was very important and there was always time for the amount of discussion that was needed. I never felt rushed.

Overall an excellent service. It certainly worked for me.”

“Just a short note to thank TRANSITIONireland for their support. I can honestly say I could not have done it without them. The steps they laid out for me helped keep me focused and put perspective on the chaos at a critical time in my development. The lessons that they exposed me to I will always carry with me.

The combination of excellent advice, counseling and skills you gave me means that I now have the job I wanted, in the location I wanted with the package I wanted. I could not have asked for more. The value to me and my family is incalculable. While the end result is great, the process that TRANSITIONireland took me through really kept my head together as an otherwise chaotic time. While I probably underestimated it at the time, I really see the value of it now when I see others in a similar position.”

“I will never forget what TRANSITIONireland did for me. They gave me back my self worth and my dignity. They showed me the way forward. Yes, it was painful and very difficult. There were times when I wanted to throw my hat at it, and sink lower and lower. I kept saying Why me? But they encouraged me to fight back.”

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